nzMold Advantages in Charlottesville, VA

nzMold(TM) was developed specifically to improve the management of mold and bacteria biological contamination problems in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

nzMold is a specially formulated, state-of-the art combination of organic ingredients designed to provide a superior treatment alternative to chemicals and/or demolition.

nzMold advantages inlude:

nzMold advantages inlude:

• Environmentally responsible

• Innovative enzymatic formula

• Nontoxic for humans and pets

• Breaks down proteins to eliminate allergenic potential

• Independently tested

• Laboratory and field proven

• Non-corrosive and nonflammable

• 100% biodegradable

• Natural ingredients made from plants

• No exposure risk to occupants or applicators

• No collateral damage as is possible with other chemicals

nzMold treatment includes a one-year warranty unavailable with most chemical and/or demolition alternatives.

nzMold eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and oxidizing agents that contain unsafe ingredients.

nzMold eliminates the need for expensive demolition and reconstruction projects.

nzMold penetrates building materials to reach hidden contamination and remains effective long after application.

Chemicals, especially chlorine bleach, evaporate almost instantly, meaning they can provide only short-term, temporary assistance and offer no residual control of mold or bacteria contamination.

As a catalytic enzyme, nzMold does not evaporate immediately after use like the chemical alternatives; nzMold enzymes remain effective long after application.

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