ACI Remediation in Charlottesville, VA

ACI can provide consulting and contracting services to help the property owner discern and correct the circumstances and conditions that facilitated mold propagation, then develop and implement a plan to create an environment that will not be conducive to a future recurrence of mold growth. Once a plan has been developed and agreed upon, ACI begins the remediation process.

We first employ industry standard containment and isolation procedures to prevent the further spread of mold. While in some cases it is unavoidable, ACI strives to minimize or eliminate costly deconstruction and the even more costly subsequent reconstruction.

Once the containment and deconstruction phases are complete, we are proud to be Central Virginia's nzMold application contractor. nzMold is a specially formulated state-of-the art combination of organic ingredients designed to provide a superior treatment alternative to chemicals and/or demolition. For further information on nzMold, please visit our nzMold Advantage page. Our licensed, insured and state certified remediation technicians have been trained and mentored specifically to utilize this tremendous product and system.